Can Parakeets Talk? All About Parakeet Talking

If you’re considering bringing a parakeet into your home, you may be wondering if these birds are capable of picking up human speech patterns.

Can Parakeets Talk? Learn everything there is to know about training your parakeet to mimic words, phrases, and whistles, as well as which species makes the finest talkers.

Can Parakeets Talk?
Can Parakeets Talk?

Can Parakeets Talk?

It’s most likely that you arrived at this page in search of details on the talking capabilities of the common budgie (budgerigar). After all, they are frequently referred to as simply “Parakeets,” despite the fact that they are not the only species of parakeets.

Can budgies talk?

budgie bird
budgie bird

They are able to! Budgies are on Psittacology’s list of the top talking parrots because, in all honesty, they’re among of the talkiest birds out there. They also own the Guinness World Record for both the greatest vocabulary ever recorded for a living bird (Oskar the budgie) and for a bird (Puck the budgie).

Because a captive budgie views its human companions as their flock, a well-tamed one may be inclined to start imitating speech. Some have the ability to learn incredible vocabulary, but their voices aren’t the best. Some people would even describe a budgie imitating a human as sounding more like a robot! Budgies in the wild are highly social creatures that mimic each other to blend in with the group.

Other Parakeets that Talk

As previously said, parakeets are not limited to budgies. Even though they go by the term “parakeets” a lot, this term really refers to a variety of distinct parrot species that share similar traits, including having a long tail.

Do other Parakeets have speech abilities? Indeed!

Psittacula krameri, the Indian ringnecked parakeet, is a well-known talking champion. In addition to being quite good at mimicking human speech, they have a strange, squeaky sound. Psittacula alexandri, the moustached parakeet, is one of the genus Psittacula’s most gifted members.

Other parakeets that have the ability to speak include:

  • The Myiopsitta monachus, or monk parakeet: They’re not the finest communicators, but they can learn a few things.
  • Genus Polytelis (the superb, regent and princess parakeets):limited ability to speak, but occasionally able to understand some words and whistles.
  • Lineolated parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola): Good talkers, although not the most common species in the trade!
  • The parakeet lineolated (Bolborhynchus lineola). Yes, and their voices are quite gentle and pleasant.
  • Brotogeris parakeets: They do attempt, but their voices sound really grating and hazy!

How to get the Parakeet to Speak

Congratulations if you have chosen to include one of the aforementioned animals in your household. It goes without saying that no one should purchase a parrot only for its talking ability, but having one is undoubtedly a pleasant addition and a great way to bond.
However, how can one train their parakeet to talk? Most of them won’t learn anything until you deliberately train them to, but some of them will just naturally take up tiny pieces of information they encounter in daily life.
Fortunately, teaching parakeets to converse is not difficult. All you need is a healthy dose of patience!

Parakeet Talking Examples- Video Tutorial

How to Teach Your Bird to Talk From Basic- Video Tutorial

The Reason for Parakeets to Talk?

First of all, you should remember that there is no certainty, even if your parakeet belongs to the group of “champion talker” species, such as budgies. Some of them simply never give it a chance.

A few things that affect (but do not ensure) the chance of speaking are as follows:

  • Age: Like most other animals, parakeets are easiest to teach in their early years. That also holds true for speaking.
  • Composure: Your parakeet is more likely to truly view people as flock members if it has been interacting with them since it was a youngster. Consequently, the likelihood that the bird would wish to mimic their vocalizations rises.
  • Sex. Males tend to be the talkative ones in many species. Indian ringnecks and budgies are examples of this.


Never overlook the most crucial element: YOU! More than it is a speech practice for your parakeet, this is a patience lesson for you.

Practice speaking like a parakeet

As for speech training itself, that’s really not that difficult. Reading the instructions on how to train a parakeet first will help you understand the notion of positive reinforcement and how crucial it is to the training process.

You may begin once you have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of parrot training and your parakeet appears at ease in your company.

If your bird isn’t interested in perching on your hands or anything like just yet, don’t panic. The benefit of talking training is that even really tame birds can learn it! Up until you two have become a little closer, you can communicate via the cage.

Step 1: Select a phrase

For the time being, let’s limit our choices to teaching your parakeet one or two words, noises, or whistles. Something pleasant and uncomplicated would be ideal—after all, this is a novice!
Something brief but nice, like “hi-hi,” “bye-bye,” or “birdie!”, should work well.


Whistles appear to be more familiar to most parrots than words. For this reason, a lot of people who own parrots began by training their bird to wolf whistle!

Step 2: Practice Again

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat… You’re going to be speaking that phrase a lot, so I hope you enjoy it!
Take your parakeet out of its cage every day for some focused training time, if it will let it. Give it some food, perhaps some playtime, and spend ten to fifteen minutes speaking to it clearly. Give the bird kudos and a reward if you hear anything that resembles your goal phrase.


For this, it’s helpful to choose a peaceful area free from outside noise or distractions. A parrot’s attention span might be rather short!

Simply engage in conversation with your parakeet whenever you are in close proximity to it, aside from the daily training sessions. Use your desired phrase frequently, but don’t limit yourself to that. Tell the bird about your day while you go about feeding and cleaning; all you want is for it to get quite accustomed to your voice.

Can parakeets talk?"
Can parakeets talk?”

When they are away from home, some parrot owners like to record their voice and play it for their bird. It’s worth a try, albeit there is some disagreement about its efficacy since it appears that they react better to your physical presence!

That’s all there is to it. Really, not much more needs to be said. You want the bird to associate joy and rewards with you and your voice. It should be drawn to mimic your voice if it feels at ease with you and considers you to be a member of the group.

Advice: Including some movement may be beneficial for certain birds. You may even perform a little dance yourself or just gently move your parakeet up and down on your hand. Some parrots also like pecking at items, such as a person’s foot or their favorite toy.


Thus, the answer to our original query, “Can parakeets talk?” is a loud, unequivocal yes! Success is attainable, depending on the species and amount of effort you’re ready to invest.

Please feel free to remark below if you have any further queries on parakeet talking or if you would want to share any personal experiences you may have had. ?

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